Why Case Studies Should be Your New Best Friend

Why Case Studies Should be Your New Best Friend

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Why Case Studies Should Be Your New Best Friend

If you’re looking for new ways to turn prospects into buyers, look no further. Case studies are often overlooked, but they can be surprisingly effective. Allowing potential customers to see how your business can solve their problems is great, but showing them actual results is always better. This is what a great business case study can do.

Why Case Studies are Important in the Sales Process

In today’s consumer landscape, people are becoming increasingly immune to the typical sales pitch. Everyone can talk about how great their product or service is, but what prospects are really interested in is what’s in it for them–and, most importantly, whether or not you can deliver what you promise.

Because of this, case studies are effective at building credibility and establishing trust. Still, the numbers suggest they’re not used as often as some other (possibly less effective) marketing tactics such as email, social media, and blogging.

This means if you decide to use a marketing case study for your business, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have a leg up over your competitors.

How Case Studies Can Help Turn Interested Prospects into Customers

When executed correctly, case studies can be compelling enough to motivate people to buy. The more you can demonstrate your ability to deliver on your promises, the more likely your prospects will be to trust you and offer you their business.

This is especially effective for prospects who are at the last stage of the decision making process. For someone that is on the fence about your business, giving them tangible evidence about what you’ve been able to do in the past has the potential to make or a break a sale.

3 Key Elements of a Successful Case Study

A case study itself is not necessarily enough to convince someone to buy from you. In order for it to be effective, certain elements should be present.

Here are a few of the components that should be present in a successful case study:

1. It should demonstrate the impact of your results

A successful case study should show all the positive impacts a customer experienced from using your business. This includes the bottom line as well as any residual benefits that go along with it.

Let’s say your service increased organic website traffic for a client. A successful case study should show that result, along with any additional impact that may have resulted from that organic traffic. What things were they able to do that they couldn’t before? How has that result impacted their business? Stick to capabilities and improvements here. The numbers come next.

2. The numbers to back it all up

This is where you get a little more specific and start talking about things like money. Sure, previous customers have seen some benefits from using your business, but have they actually started making more money? What was the return on their investment?

Include specific data along with your demonstrated ability to deliver results. Obviously, you’ll want to choose the customer with the best results for this.

3. How you made it happen

Last, but not least, fill your prospects in on your strategy. How were you able to get such positive results for the customer in the case study? Laying that out for your potential customers will allow them to feel confident that your successes have been more than just luck and that you will be able to deliver similar results in the future. It also sets the expectations about what they can expect from a working relationship with you.

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