Piecemeal vs. All-in-One Platform

Piecemeal vs All in One Platform

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There are a ton of sales and marketing solutions out there today making it very confusing to understand which one is best for you. Between pricing menus and feature lists, where does one start? Given the current state of affairs, no wonder so many companies opt for the method of piecing multiple systems together.

Some companies choose this piecemeal approach – pulling together multiple separate software tools in the hopes the final product delivers the right functionality and reporting. The opposite approach however, is to find an all-in-one platform to cover all the needs of your sales and marketing teams.

So which approach is right for you?

Below we offer up points to consider when choosing between the piecemeal method or selecting an all-in-one solution. With regard to CRMs, email marketing and marketing automation tools, companies like MailChimp and Copper are designed to support a piecemeal approach. HubSpot on the other hand, is the all-inclusive alternative.

  • What Makes All-In-One Better Than Piece-By-Piece?

    Many companies choose the piecemeal approach to CRM and marketing software out of necessity. If you’re in this camp, it’s likely that you started off with the an email marketing essentials package – or perhaps just a CRM. Then you added on, realizing that pairing your marketing or CRM software would be a wise investment. Later, you wanted to give your customers better support, so you found a good clients success tool and added it to the mix.

    All-inclusive sales, email marketing and marketing automation software seems, at face-value, to be more expensive than the bit-by-bit strategy. Perhaps that’s why you’ve been avoiding it. Of course, if you were do a simple calculation, you’d likely realize that you’ve spent far more on your piecemeal suite of software tools than you would have on a single full-service solution. Unlike the all-in-one option, your end result is still disjointed, requiring supplementary tools to help stitch together a complete picture of your sales and marketing functions.

    HubSpot is the superior software option, because it acts as a gateway into all of your business functions. Instead of accessing data from multiple sources and manually compiling it all into yet another tool for reporting, HubSpot is able to package all your sales and marketing analytics into one easy-to-use platform. You have the option to customize your own dashboard, compiling relevant data and insights into meaningful and actionable reports for users and departments.

  • Why Does One Platform Matter?

    Having a single platform for sales and marketing is important because it saves valuable staff time. Report creation and sharing, monitoring metrics and insights, gathering KPIs and using them to implement new revenue-boosting strategies – these tasks all take lots of time and are left wide open to human error when using multiple, disparate systems

    Even if all your separate tools are integrative (they work together or work with your favorite outside tools), they aren’t fully integrated. Changes in one system affect the integrity of all the others, but fixing them requires more staff time devoted to tedious re-entry. Each information handoff between programs leaves your business vulnerable to data loss, redundancy and transcription error.

    The benefit of full integration is obvious: All your information is in one place. Everyone – the decision-makers and the movers and shakers – is on the same page, looking at the same information in the same platform. Changes in one system cascade immediately throughout, so you’re always looking at the most up-to-date, real-time information about your sales and marketing results.

While it’s understandable that the piecemeal approach may be adopted out of necessity, the superiority of a single tool is obvious. If you’ve been using multiple separate tools to form one sales and marketing solution, it’s time to reconsider. All-inclusive sales, marketing and client support software like HubSpot offers a one-stop-shop. Don’t wait until you’ve completely outgrown your current solution. Adopting the all-in-one approach sales and marketing automation (and don’t forget client support) software encourages your business to grow and thrive instead of merely keeping up.

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