job tests in hiring

The Role of Job Tests in Hiring

The phrase “job test” is an umbrella term for an assessment that helps you decide on a career path, as well as how well you fit in that job role. Job tests are useful for both employer and employee. They can help an employee get a better sense of their skills, which guides them towards

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employee appreciation

Don’t Fall Victim to These Employee Appreciation Challenges

Everyone likes being appreciated or recognized for their accomplishments—so how can there be negatives to employee appreciation? Don’t let the phrasing mislead you; it’s more about employee appreciation challenges that, when not addressed correctly, can have negative effects. So what are these challenges, how can you avoid them, and what can you do differently? It

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employee assessment meeting

What Makes Management Assessments So Effective

Recent studies have found that 76 percent of organizations with over 100 employees rely on assessment tools for external hiring. That number is expected to jump to 88 percent within the next few years. The studies show that assessments are relied upon more heavily for higher seniority roles. Estimates suggest that 72 percent of middle

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Engaged Sales Team

Why You Should Focus on Team Engagement

Recent Gallup research found that there are connections between engagement and nine performance metrics: Customer ratings Profitability Productivity Turnover Safety incidents Shrinkage Absenteeism Patient safety incidents Quality There are several ways to keep these performance traits in check by encouraging team engagement. Some of these ways include: Maintaining focus solely on your team Being accessible

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Content Strategy by MyHubPartner

It’s Time to Buy-In To Buyer Enablement Content

There’s a new competitive advantage for SaaS and B2B technology companies: Ease of purchase. The B2B buyer’s journey hasn’t just gotten complicated for software vendors— it’s equally challenging for buyers. Gartner found that 77% of B2B buyers thought their latest software purchase was “very difficult or complicated.” We’re all in the business of alleviating some

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Sales Growth

The Proven Sales Growth Framework for B2B Businesses

The pit in our stomach grows as you walk into the conference room. The board members are staring back at you, faces expressionless, yet seemingly prepared for the worst. It’s like they already know the bad news.  Another quarter—another report of struggling sales growth. This time your sales team failed to hit the goal. Last

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