5 Ways to Generate Leads in HubSpot Without Landing Pages

5 Ways to Generate Leads in HubSpot Without Landing Pages

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It is a common misconception among those practicing Inbound marketing, a landing page is the only way to generate leads from your website. This post will improve your understanding of lead generation and give you additional tactics you can use to generate leads in HubSpot without landing pages today.

Pop-Up Forms

What are Pop-Up Forms?

Website forms “pop up” when visitors complete an action on a page, such as scrolling or even time spent viewing. Today’s pop-ups provide value to potential leads such as offering free resources. Once clicked, a form appears that captures lead information. How well do pop-up forms work for generating leads? According to Aweber, one site with a pop-up form converted 1375% more people to subscribe to the blog compared to the traditional static forms on the site. Sumo’s research found popup forms can convert up to 9.3% of website visitors.

How Do I Make Pop-Up Forms?

While there are a number of pop-up tools available, HubSpot allows you to easily create and customize forms in little time. You can start capturing leads, for free, on any website, without needing a developer. HubSpot will automatically add your contacts’ website activity, social media profiles and company information.

Where to Find Pop-Up Forms in HubSpot?

In your free HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Lead Capture > Pop-up Forms. To add pop-ups to an external website, install the HubSpot tracking code or the HubSpot WordPress plugin.


What is Live Chat?

Live chat is the text box that appears in the corner of websites asking if you need help and provides instantaneous responses. Chat allows your team to quickly start conversations with website visitors exactly when they’re looking for your solution or product. Being where the customer is interacting in real time and answering their questions and hesitations ASAP, your team can convert these leads and provide better support. Build better relationships by identifying customers’ needs and helping them through the purchase process instead of watching them click away to another site. Analyzing the data from live chat sessions can help you improve your website by answering the most common chat questions on the site, making leads more likely convert into customers.

“80% of consumers would stop doing business with a company that provided a poor experience, so you only have a short window of time (10 minutes or less) to set yourself apart from the pack.” ~ Jon Dick, Hubspot

How Do I Create Live Chat on My Site?

Various tools exist for creating chat on your website, tools which gather different levels of information about leads such as email addresses and website activity. These tools send visitor inquiries to your customer service team on duty, who can pass leads to the appropriate salesperson. You can designate office hours so website visitors know when to expect a live person on chat. HubSpot’s free chat integration saves each chat in a conversations inbox so your whole team has access to the lead’s history and context, for a more personalized and streamlined follow-up process. HubSpot also offers tools such as Slack integration to receive chat notifications and respond to chats directly on Slack.

Where to Find Live Chat in HubSpot?

In your free HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Chatflows.

38% of online consumers said they made their purchase as a result of the chat session. Kissmetrics

71% of people who are willing to use bots (through messaging apps) to get assistance usually do it because they want their problem solved immediately. HubSpot


What are Bots?

Chatbots, also known as bots, are computer programs that give automated responses to common user questions based on existing data. Bots provide customer support 24/7. Bots make conversations scalable, so your company’s ability to answer customer questions doesn’t depend on its number of team members, leveling the playing field for small businesses to achieve big lead generation goals.

Bots can also offer quick access to a human team member if the bot is unable to meet the customer’s needs. Bots can help you book meetings and qualify leads, freeing up your team members to focus on the most important conversations.

Bots can help your customers find the solutions they are looking for on any device they are using, without filling out forms, waiting for an email response, or scrolling through endless content.

How Do I Create Bots on My Site?

Bot building platforms help you create a programmed set of rules, an ordered list of “if-this-then-that” conditions and written responses for each condition. Coding isn’t usually required.

HubSpot’s bot builder integrates with its free CRM in order to use information you already know about your contacts to provide a personalized and friendly messages.

HubSpot’s bots integrate with common messaging apps such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Skype, and it currently offers 364 premade bots to choose from.

Where to Find Bots in HubSpot?

In your free HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Chatflows. In the top right, click “Create chatflow.” In the left sidebar, select a chatflow type, then select a bot template: Qualify leads, Book meetings, or Support bot.

Facebook Lead Ads

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads allow you to be where your audience spends their time and easily capture the contact information of people interested in what you’re offering.

Potential customers click on the ad in their newsfeed, then a form pops up that is autofilled with their info. 80% of social media users are now on mobile, and who likes manually filling out forms on mobile devices? Not us! Autofill for the win.

Users never have to leave Facebook, which creates a simple and seamless experience with greater conversion rates compared to the longer click-through path of a landing page.

One of the major benefits of these ads is the ability to target your ideal audience: people who aren’t yet familiar with your brand.

How Do I Make Facebook Lead Ads?

Open the power editor or ads manager tool on your Facebook business page, then customize the form, offer, targeting, and ad spend. Decide what you want to do with the information you’ve collected from the ads, such as initiate a follow-up call or add them to your email campaign.

We recommend linking your lead ads to your CRM, such as HubSpot. HubSpot allows you to set up these ads directly in the HubSpot Ads Add-on, where you can track the users’ actions to turn them from leads into customers.

Where to Find Facebook Lead Ads in HubSpot?

In your free HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Ads. In the upper right, click the “Create ad campaign” downCarat, then select Facebook lead ad.

Blog Comments

What are Blog Comments for Lead Gen? You probably know that some blog posts allow readers to comment underneath the article. But do you know these commenters can turn into some of your best customers?

Obviously, these people took the time to read the blog post, in a world where 1000 things are fighting for our attention every minute.

To get blog commenters into your database for leads, they need to opt-in to something first, and asking them to subscribe to the blog is the easiest first step to start turning commenters into leads.

55% of readers only spend 15 second reading an article or blog post. Buffer

How Do I Use Comments for Lead Gen?

Create an opt-in box in your comment section, because everyone who comments should not be automatically subscribed to your blog. Just make it easy for them to fill out one more checkbox while they are commenting.

Keep the form short. People aren’t expecting to fill out a page of info just to leave a comment.

Then, when you email your blog subscribers, be sure to use relevant CTAs to generate leads from these subscribers.

Where to Find Blog Comments in HubSpot?

Navigate to Website > Blog. Click the “Select a blog to modify” dropdown menu and select a blog to edit. Click the More Tools menu > Blog settings > Comments tab, then click to toggle the “Enable commenting” switch ON. Click the “Allow comments to create contacts” box if you want visitors who comment on your blog to be added to your contact database.

Want to learn more about generating leads in HubSpot without landing pages or learn what to do with those leads once you’ve got them?

Contact us for a free consultation or HubSpot audit.

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